Proper Pandemic Behavior?

To the degree that I can use this Bowfin Inquirer webpage to promote public safety, I believe that I should. Thank you to the Nextdoor participant who posted this photography of what’s occurring elsewhere in FC – and possibly increasing the Covid-19 health risks to our community. Please — no potential super-spreading events here!

Welcome Teagan Lerman!

The Lerman family grew a little larger on August 31st – about 7 lb 2 oz heavier – and 20 inches taller – when Teagan arrived to greet her parents, Bianca and Jacob Lerman, after a 9 month sojourn in a rather liquidy resort area 🙂

We are so happy for our children, grandchildren, as well as the Bross family members! She is already very pretty and – we venture to say – will be a terrific little sister for Logan!