September, 2021 Issue

Charitable Donations (‘Tis the season!)

As we approach year end 2021 please consider donations to these worthy organizations serving our community. (Let us know of others you’d like to bring to the attention of your neighbors!)


Feel free to leave us feedback regarding the Bowfin Inquirer!

Shipwrecks of San Mateo County – (Upcoming San Mateo Community College Foundation Events)

There will be a FREE (donations welcomed) online lecture, Shipwrecks of San Mateo County on October 5th at Noon. The link to register to attend is:

Here’s a snippet regarding what’s in store for attendees!

On the evening of January 17th, 1865, while the American Civil War was still raging, the crew of the clipper ship Sir John Franklin found themselves enveloped in a thick fog as they approached the Port of San Francisco. However, tragedy would intervene, just as it had for the ship’s namesake (a reference to the ill-fated arctic explorers of the Franklin Expedition), for this ship and crew were destined to wreck. 

Recent Notes from Our Neighbors

The B.I. recently received these important communications via email from our Bowfin neighbors

  1. The City has a website that will be updated with all the events planned for the remainder of the year to celebrate the City’s 50th birthday.

    Janis Kiesel


2 Hello All,
On receiving today’s Bowfin Inquirer, I also received an announcement from FC celebrating our 50th birthday.  I’ve been a FC resident for 54 yrs and remain proudly so.  Attached is a photo of the 38” x 75” wooden collage I’d assembled with wooden scraps left over from building cabinets and shelves in our newly built Grant home in 1973.  It’s been hanging in the landing between our first and second stories and contains the stories of our city by the blue lagoon.  😛
(Weyman W. Wong)