Home Painting by Orlando Trujillo

We’re very pleased with the speed and quality of the work done by Orlando Trujillo. The price was right, too! We decided to stay with very similar colors, which we feel go well with our driveway pavers. This isn’t the first time we hired Trujillo to do the job – and we feel comfortable recommending that you consider this firm if you’re looking for outdoor — or indoor — painting.

We’ll Be Shopping For Groceries Online

According to https://www.smchealth.org/coronavirus-county-data-dashboard), there are now 243 cases of Covid, just one week after the count had been 177! Quite an upswing.

Recently we saw this advice : that people in our age bracket should discontinue visiting scores for groceries and medications –

That, and because Foster City Covid-19 cases have been rising rapidly – as have cases in San Mateo where our favorite grocer is located, has led us to the decision to break the weekly habit we’d developed over the past 9 months of isolation and discontinue in-store shopping. (Beyond that, we also just learned that our daughter knows someone – in a different geographic area – who contracted Covid-19 precisely from visiting a grocery.)

If you have been doing your grocery shopping online and can offer some advice on the do’s and don’ts of it – we welcome your thoughts! Thank you. – Jerry and Eve

Proper Pandemic Behavior?

To the degree that I can use this Bowfin Inquirer webpage to promote public safety, I believe that I should. Thank you to the Nextdoor participant who posted this photography of what’s occurring elsewhere in FC – and possibly increasing the Covid-19 health risks to our community. Please — no potential super-spreading events here!