December, 2020 Issue

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We’ll Be Shopping For Groceries Online

According to, there are now 243 cases of Covid, just one week after the count had been 177! Quite an upswing. Recently we saw this advice : that people in our age bracket should discontinue visiting scores for groceries and medications – That, and because Foster City Covid-19 cases have been rising rapidly – … Continue reading We’ll Be Shopping For Groceries Online

October, 2020 Issue

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Proper Pandemic Behavior?

To the degree that I can use this Bowfin Inquirer webpage to promote public safety, I believe that I should. Thank you to the Nextdoor participant who posted this photography of what’s occurring elsewhere in FC – and possibly increasing the Covid-19 health risks to our community. Please — no potential super-spreading events here!

Can you help me with this cartoon?

No one seems to like this cartoon idea I had. Perhaps it is the poor drawing, failing to capture the fact that each person in line is holding a ventriloquist’s dummy. Perhaps it is just totally ‘unfunny’. If you like it or not, please leave your thoughts to help this fledgling cartoonist improve his work.


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