328 Bowfin Sold! ( Here’s a Video by Lori Langmack )

Lori Langmack is the realtor who handled the preparation and sale of 328 Bowfin.

She has shared with the Bowfin Inquirer this impressive video presentation. It demonstrates how important updating and staging the property was toward making it attractive to today’s prospective property purchasers.

Lori also pointed out to us: “Compass provided $45,000 in interest-free money to front the remodel/staging costs, which were paid back upon the home closing. It’s a terrific product we can offer clients.”

Lori’s also been so kind as to provide the B.I. with answers to questions Eve and I had regarding the property, its selling points, and a bit about our new neighbor, Anita. Her Q and A will appear in the January, 2023 issue, which will be out and on your porches in a few days.